Buying Havaianas Flip Flops Wholesale

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One of the coolest, if not the coolest, and most popular brand of flip flops is Havaianas. They have an excellent reputation for chic styles and designs right across the world. If you want to know why buying Havaianas wholesale flip flops might be a good idea for your business then read on.

The first pair of Havaianas flip flops was produced way back in 1962 and it has been pretty much plain sailing from there. Even as early as the 1970’s they were a must have brand and their advertising was already distinguishing them from the crowd. By the 90’s everybody in Brazil was wearing them and the company were getting ever more creative with the styles they produced, even creating flip flops for babies! This really is a brand that the media and the fashion world just love; there is no end to the coverage they receive in all kinds of media.

Havaianas flip flops wholesale guideIn 2000 the brand really went global and today wholesale Havaianas flip flops are sold in over 60 countries. They really are an icon of foot ware fashion and yet price wise they really are quite reasonable. Even their limited edition ranges are no more than around $38. They keep coming out with new designs and new styles which mean these flip flops are always in demand. If you’re a flip flops retailer then you should seriously consider stocking this brand.

The question is what to stock when Havaianas produce so much? They have ranges for men, woman and children (and yes babies) and within these categories they also have different styles like the slim range, with slimmer delicate straps. It might be advisable to order a small range of their products just to lure buyers through your door. This type of flip flop is always going to look good in your shop window and even if the customer doesn’t buy them as long as they buy something you’re happy, right?

In terms of buying Havaianas flip flops wholesale your first port of call should be the company itself. They deal direct with wholesalers so why not go to the source. Remember whenever you purchase wholesale goods make sure you do it through a reputable company. This is especially the case with a high fashion brand. You don’t want to end up with counterfeit copies do you?

One other thing to bear in mind if you’re planning on stocking these flip flops… you won’t be the only one! Keep your eyes on the competition and see what they’re up to with this popular range.


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